At the International Conference on Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering (ICNCE 2024), we had the opportunity to present our latest research findings to a large professional audience.

This event brought together over 600 scientists from more than 20 countries. The conference offered insightful plenary sessions, exciting poster presentations, and stimulating discussions, creating an enriching platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

We were able to showcase our innovative demonstrator chip at the conference, which generated significant interest among the participants. "Many students, PhD candidates, and postdocs inquired about PhD projects, jobs, or internships at NEUROTEC. These inquiries came from psychologists, engineers, data scientists, and physicists. For most of them, we were able to find a suitable contact person directly at this interdisciplinary conference," said Alexander Krüger, the project manager of NEUROTEC.

Last Modified: 14.06.2024