Welcome to NEUROTEC. The joint project brings together researchers from various disciplines from FZ-Jülich, RWTH Aachen University and AMO GmbH. Together with regional high-tech companies, we research new materials and electronic components for the energy-efficient AI of tomorrow. The functioning of the brain serves as inspiration for innovative "neuromorphic" computer architectures. More about us...

In addition to our publications, the planned conferences (Jülich-Aachener NC-Day) and in particular the International Conference on Neuromorphic Computing in June 2024 in the middle of the project are certainly interesting for researchers and innovative companies in the field of neuromorphic AI.

As a company, you have the opportunity to get in touch with the AI ​​topic of the future directly via our industry committee. If you would like to know what our BMBF-funded project NEUROTEC has to do with the lignite phase-out, you can find out more here: Structural change in the Rheinisches Revier.

If you want to start with a certain expert knowledge and are interested in the specific objectives, you can also switch to the project work packages: NEUROTEC-II is divided into 6 large work packages, 4 cooperation projects with companies and a demonstrator project. The work packages are closely coordinated to translate the neuro-inspired research into connectable technology of tomorrow's AI electronics. You can click on the arrow graphic here or switch to the work program via the direct link in the heading:

Working Packages and Cooperation Project